Proper Pruning Techniques

Its important to know what kind of plant you are pruning. Trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals are all different and need specific pruning techniques. Some plants thrive off of new growth and some plants need size management pruning, and time of year correlates to how you want your plants to grow. Let us treat your plants to proper pruning practices to ensure optimal growth each and every year.



Garden Manageability

While proper pruning is crucial, so is knowing what the plants need to be happy in their daily lives. Plants need proper nutrition and like to have a nutrient rich mulch or may need to be on a fertilizing regimen to grow to their full potential. Plants should be irrigated responsibly and should be planted in appropriate groups where all plants like the same amount of water. We can help you make the right decisions to assure your garden looks beautiful each season, year after year.




Mow Trims And Edging

Every yard needs a happy healthy lawn. Proper top dressing with nutrient rich soil, or any regular fertilizing schedule helps. Weekly trimming is good but it’s important to remember in our hot Okanagan summers, blade length is key in a healthy lawn. Cut too short in the heat and the lawn will burn. Proper edging should be done every month because nice crisp lines along your sidewalks and garden beds looks extremely professional.



Vacation Home Maintenance

Many of our clients live out of province and own vacation homes here in the Okanagan. We have experience with out of town clients, and you can trust that we will make sure your property is looking top notch every season so you can arrive to enjoy all the beauty your vacation home has to offer. We will communicate with you when you are not here, keep you up to date on whats going on.