New System Installation 

Are you building a new home for yourself or are you deciding to install a new system in an existing garden because you don’t want to water by hand anymore? If so it is important to put the time into planning a proper irrigation system that adheres to all the current city bylaws. Kelowna has smart meters and no one wants a fine if they can avoid it. The water infrastructure here is not meant to handle this many homes so it is our individual responsibility to use water wisely.



Proper Zone Management

Do you have a current irrigation system in your garden that needs some TLC? It is important to pay attention to water pressure, how many heads on each zone, and ensuring you have the right heads on each zone. Length of watering time varies throughout the growing season depending on outdoor temperature, and it is wise to have professional help when making any changes to an existing system.



Knowledge Of Bylaws

The city of Kelowna has implemented a new set of bylaws that evolve every year and are actually very strict. Not everyone is aware of this but if you do not comply, you are at risk for a fine. Mae’s Landscaping is keeping close tabs on these bylaws and want to help educate the public about the guidelines and what they mean. We believe in responsible irrigation and are determined to give you the home owner the most relevant information possible.



Efficiency Maintenance

Regular evaluations keep a system working at its optimal ability. Checking heads for cracks, spray pattern adjustments and making sure there is no over spray onto sidewalks are important for maintaining an efficient system. Irrigating lawns and gardens are a big deal and we can assist you in all areas when tending to the upkeep of your much needed irrigation system. Be sure to blow out your irrigation system in the fall to prevent pipe cracking over winter.