Patios and walkways are key when striving for a balanced look in your garden. There are so many materials to pick from and we can help you decide the best texture and color to suit your personal style. Proper sub grade is important to ensure your walkways and patios stay level and functional for years and years. If you are choosing to install a new patio or are simply looking to rejuvenate and existing one, we can help you do it right.




Evergreen and deciduous trees all need some love from time to time. Properly thinned out trees allow the wind to blow through them instead of blowing them over. Dead branches and crossing branches should be removed to prolong the health of your larger trees. Certain trees need to be pruned at special times of year, let us educate you so you can keep your trees healthy and strong.



Big projects call for big ideas and big equipment. Changing your landscape can be a challenge on your own and sometimes its hard to see the end result, especially when your whole yard is torn up. We strive to give you a great experience when you’re choosing to renovate your garden. We keep the site clean and inform you about everything that is going on each step of the way. Let us help you make your garden the best it can be.




We live in and area full of mountains. Large grade changes call for retaining walls and if you are going to attempt holding up some heavy grade then let us help. We will prepare the base of the wall properly and be sure to have adequate drainage behind the wall to assure a solid structure. If you are going to spend the money on a retaining wall, it needs to be done to code so it will last for a long time. Too many walls are built with ill sub grade and improper drainage, leading to disasters in the end. We can prevent this and educate you along the way so you know it’s done right, the first time.