Clean Lines

Having defined edging along your lawn and garden beds keeps rocks and mulch out of your lawn or your lawn from growing into your garden beds! In the long run this investment will pay for itself by saving you hours of work trying to keep definition in your outdoor living space. Concrete lasts a long time so you rarely have to revisit your boarders. We add stress lines and install high strength cable in our curbs to prevent cracking.




Stamps And Shapes

Curbs come in a wide variety of shapes and can be stamped in almost any pattern you could imagine. We have examples of shapes to show you to ease your decision, our most popular being the lawnmower edge, which allows you to put one wheel of your mower on the curb to eliminate the task of edge trimming. Anything that cuts down on yard maintenance is a blessing.



Lighting And Dyes

Lighting and dyes help accent your landscaping. Our LED rope lighting is a great way to enjoy your garden when the sun goes down. You may choose to edge your pathways to navigate safely at night. We offer a very large selection of dyes to be sure we can match your curb color to your existing garden and make it look like the curbs fit right in. Call today for more information.